JC Croquet mallets are unique, customized and handcrafted. Their design allows for optimal and professional performance on the playing field.

We manufacture fully customized mallets in wood and carbon fiber, designed to meet the unique needs of each player regardless of their level of croquet experience. In addition, if you are not sure, we offer technical and playing advice.

We are manufacturers and/or suppliers of mallets, mallet covers, hoops, balls and other croquet material to set up the field; as well as clothing and footwear suitable for the practice of the game.

Juan Carlos, croquet mallet maker on the playing field
We work on what we are passionate about.

Croquet is a booming sport in our country. Its social character has led many groups of friends to embrace it as a new passion, as well as a pretext for their meetings. It was something that also happened to us, and we also became manufacturers and suppliers of the required equipment.

We have extensive experience, both in the treatment of wood and in the practice of Croquet, which we seek to apply in order to design and manufacture a handmade Croquet mallet but adjusted to your needs, as well as to advise you in your choice.

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